Compass Lands Company Profile

In 2015, Compass Lands founder Margie Kaiser had a dream. A dream to make a difference in other peoples lives around the world. Having several friends in the mission field, she wondered if it could be possible to set up her own non-profit business and give the money away. This is that business. Here I am, buying and selling land in order to fund mission projects in both the Philippines and in Haiti, with more missions to be added as we go. Both locations are in desperate need of schools and supplies. The Philippines is also in need of medical support for the people there. Together we can make a difference to people all over the world.
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My mentor, Mark Podolsky, has been in the land business since 2001. His core teaching, as well as mine, is to make sure your customers 100% happy with their purchase and that brings a 90 day 100% guarantee. My grandpa use to make farm deals with just a hand shake, and that is how I want my customers to feel, that they can trust me, count on me and depend on me to do what is right for them. Thank you for allowing Compass Lands to be a part of your land selling and buying. Because of you, we can change the world.